Long Island Cavity Detection Tool

There’s a new tool in our Garden City dental office that’s sure to be a big hit with all our patients. It’s called a Diagnodent Cavity Finder. What’s so special about this Long Island cavity detection tool? It finds cavities before they’re visible to the naked eye and sometimes even before they’re visible with an x-ray!

This amazing Long Island cavity detection tool uses a very fine laser to locate cavities that aren’t able to be seen with a simple exam. Here’s how it works. Using a small wand, Dr. Ganz points at a tooth and a non-invasive wavelength measures the inside of your tooth to see if there is any decay inside. If your fluoresce level is higher than 25, that means there is decay in the tooth that is not yet visible to the naked eye. Using the Diagnodent has proven to be more than 90% accurate in finding hidden cavities in both adults and children. What a great way to catch problems before they get too big!

There’s no substitute for good oral hygiene on a daily basis. Everything you can do to get rid of bacteria and keep your mouth fresh and clean is what you should do every day. Brushing and flossing are great habits to have and they will help keep cavities at bay.

Along with good dental care at home and regular checkups with Dr. Cary Ganz at our Garden City dental office, this new Long Island cavity detection tool can help keep your teeth healthy and keep you happy. So the next time you come for a checkup, talk to Dr. Ganz and see if the Diagnodent is something that could be used to make sure your teeth are as healthy as they can be. You can call for an appointment at 855-466-6808. We’ll be happy to discuss this new technology with you.