Presentation To The Bronx County Dental Society

social_media_strategy111I had the pleasure last night of presenting to the Bronx County Dental Society on a favorite topic of mine, “Social Media and It’s Importance In Dentistry”. As I mentioned in the presentation the climate in dentistry has changed dramatically over the years. Less and less people rely on the printed word in newspapers and magazines. More and more people rely upon the internet for their news and general information.

When looking for a new dentist social media is rapidly becoming one of the chosen places to ask questions, find potential new dental homes, research testimonials etc. Every dentist needs to have a social media presence in order to stay current. Additionally it is critical to manage social media appropriately in order to maximize the benefits social media can present to a dental practice.

The presentation given last night discussed the major social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube in detail. Each attendee left with documents designed to help them achieve the best results possible when starting their online social media experience.