OrthoSnap Wireless Braces

OrthoSnap Wireless Braces

OrthoSnap Wireless Braces and AlignersSince 1997 when Invisalign introduced wireless braces to the dental public the demonstrated need for such a service has been dramatic. Millions of patients have taken advantage of this exciting new way to move teeth.

What Are The Advantages Of Wireless Braces?

There are several advantages of wireless braces over conventional Orthodontics.

  1. Cosmetics – No Ugly Wires and Brackets – With wireless braces, as the name applies, there are no metal to be displayed at all. Instead the systems use clear plastic trays called Aligners. Aligners have been around for almost 20 years and have been used in millions of mouths during that time.
  2. Improved Home Care – Wireless braces using clear aligners have a distinct advantage over wired, conventional braces when it comes to home care. Since all aligners are removable, it’s easy to keep teeth clean using conventional methods including brushing and flossing. Trying to maintain good oral hygiene around wires and brackets is often difficult and can lead to decay and periodontal disease if not managed properly.
  3. Less Discomfort and Pain – Most patients who have worn conventional braces will you that it takes time to get used to the sharp edges of the metal, or plastic, brackets and wires. Tongues and cheek get cut and bruised often and can at time be very painful. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are much like tooth whitening trays. They are easy to wear and easy to remove. The first day of wearing an aligner can be a bit uncomfortable due to initial tooth movement but this should never arise to the level of pain. Just pressure….

What Are The Biggest Disadvantages Of Wireless Braces?

In reality, as far as I am concerned, the only disadvantage of wireless braces is patient compliance. Conventional braces since they are rigidly attached to the teeth present no problem with patients wearing them. They really have no choice since the braces are not removable. Wireless braces, like OrthoSnap, are removable. Aligners can be misplaced and lost or, in the case of teens, just not worn once they leave the house.

There are very few instances today where wireless braces can not be used. It is up to the dentist to make that determination.

OrthoSnap – A New Entry Into The Wireless Braces Marketplace

Orthosnap wireless bracesSince 1997 there have been relatively few companies providing this service. The two main companies up until now have been Invisaligntm and ClearConnecttm. Both systems have been working well for years.

A new company has just entered this market with some changes they claim will make their system a step ahead of the competition. These changes are:

  1. Absolutely Clear Aligners – Due to their patented manufacturing process, OrthoSnap is able to provide perfectly clear aligners compared to the other companies whose aligners, although somewhat clear, have a hazy appearance due to their manufacturing process.
  2. Less Need For Attachments – With other systems there is a need to place small buttons on certain teeth in order to move those teeth accurately. These buttons can be annoying to patients when the aligners are removed to eat and do home care, can be somewhat unsightly and can also become dislodged and require additional office visits. OrthoSnap uses attachments far less often due to their claimed more accurately fitting trays and when attachments are needed for certain movements, they are far less in number and round in shape compared to the far more frequent attachments both in size, shape and number with other systems.
  3. Less Treatment Time – Due to the more accurately fitted aligners the actual time for patients to wear OrthoSnap aligners is claimed to be less than with other systems.

All of the above factors can make a difference to patients when they are presented with potential treatment. More cosmetic aligners, less treatment time and more comfort.

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