TMJ Treatment With TekScan Bite Adjustment

TMJ Treatment

tmj treatment with tekscanAs part of our TMJ treatment protocol our office uses computerized occlusal (bite) bite technology. TekScan has proven to be an invaluable tool in the treatment of a wide range of dental problems including TMJ treatment.

Very often bite problems are responsible for some, or all, of the symptoms¬†associate with TMJ. When you bite your teeth should touch evenly, with the same force bilaterally. That means your bite needs to be ‘even’ on both sides. When inaccuracies occur it means that the muscles that enable you to open and close your mouth cannot work evenly. When one muscle works harder than another, that muscle can go into spasm and starts to hurt. Additionally, if one side works differently than another, your jaw position may change. It’s these changes that are often defined as TMJ.

Bite Adjustment and TMJ Treatment

Over the years TMJ treatment has had a wide range of methods. In years gone by patients would have to wear bite appliances on a long term basis. Often times muscle relaxants and pain medication were prescribed as a long term solution as well. Today, that has all changed. Using our TMJ treatment process patients can now get significant relief without the need for long term bite splints or medication. Using TekScan we can now find small differences in the bite that can make significant changes in the outcome. In the past dentists would rely upon old fashioned bite paper. Using bite paper was inaccurate but it was the only choice we had at the time. TekScan provides dentists with a tool that can not only find small differences in your bite but it can then be verified after treatment and yearly to make sure that your bite stays stable. Combined with other non-invasive treatment modalities, we can now help patients achieve long term TMJ relief.

TMJ Treatment Today

TMJ Treatment with TekScanIt is our belief that there is really no magic bullet in the treatment of TMJ problems. TMJ treatment involves a multi-system approach, a major component being the adjustment of the bite to make sure that there is a long term stability. Combining computerized bite analysis and adjustment with trigger point therapy, ultrasound therapy, micro-current treatment and cold laser therapy, we are now able to provide TMJ treatment with predictable relief for many, if not most, patients suffering from long term TMJ, head and neck pain.

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